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Al & Co. JSC, established in 1995, is one of the largest companies in the automotive industry segment. In the sale of fuels, Al and Co JSC is active in northeastern Bulgaria, and in the retail of automotive, heavy, agricultural and industrial tires as well as automotive and industrial oils – throughout the country and Romania.

Al and Co JSC entered the Bulgarian market in 1995, and today the company has 35 sites throughout the country. The main activity of the company is the trade in petroleum products both retail and wholesale, trade in natural gas, tires and greases. Al and Co JSC employs over 120 people. The sites of Al and Co JSC are multifunctional service centers – gas stations that operate both in the classic way and in self-service and the car center, which is the jewel of the company.

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The first self-service gas station in Bulgaria is an object of Al and Co. Subsequently, taking into account the circumstances created during the pandemic, the company made all its sites with a self-service option, thus striving to take maximum care of the health of its customers and employees. The car center of the company provides over 18 types of services for the maintenance of a car such as changing oils and tires, adjusting the front and rear axle, painting services and much more. The clients of Al and Co JSC can buy fuels, oils and use the services of the car center all year round.

The sites are well and successfully managed by the company’s management team. Throughout the country, the company takes an active part in local events and activities, as it is enshrined in one of its main business principles of care and responsibility for nature and the social environment.

Al and Co. JSC strives to offer quality service, understanding the needs of its customers and offering appropriate products, services and amenities, saving them time in the busy everyday life. The company’s priority is to take care of its customers in order to turn its sites into a preferred meeting place for the modern mobile generation.

Social responsibility

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The fountain and the space around it are now completely renovated. The benches have been completely repaired. The water is already flowing normally from the two spouts. The Shumen company "Al and Co" restored the fountain on the panoramic road to the Monument "Creators of the Bulgarian state". The surrounding area is also improved. Employees of the company first cleaned the pipes and both shafts, so the water is flowing normally from the two spouts. Then the lush vegetation and sediments around the fountain were removed. Today, the three benches were renovated and received new boards made of impregnated wood. Al and Co also maintains the monument to the Fifth Regiment and the Valery Velikov Memorial. "We are committed to take care of this fountain, because it is significant for the people of Shumen," said the manager of the company Zhivko Nikolov.

Management team

The management team of Al and Co consists of 4 people, two of them are the founders of the company, Dimitar Aleksandrov and Zhivko Nikolov. Later, Katya Aleksandrova joined the team as CFO and manager of the company. The newest member of the team is Presiyan Chaplikov, the commercial director of Al and Co. The team of the company has developed an incredible synergy, which contributes to the good results of the company and its development.

  • Dimitar Aleksandrov
  • Zhivko Nikolov
  • Katya Aleksandrova
  • Presiyan Chaplikov